A downloadable game

This game is in early devellopement, expect bugs and not so balanced gameplay
The creator is french, so expect a lot of mistakes in grammar or phrasing, he is actively trying to correct his mistakes.

This game is made in GameMaker Studio 2 and contain :
- 3 playable characters with a personnal talent
- 6 different shot types
- 1 boss and 1 mid-boss
- Bullets.

If you want to help in the devellopment of the game or give feedbacks,
here is the link to the Discord server :

Install instructions

Keyboard Controls :

  • Z : Shoot/Confirm
  • X : Use the character's Mindscape (bomb)/Cancel
  • C : Use the character's Broken Seal (currently not present in the game)
  • Shift : Slow down (Focus mode), slightly change the player shot
  • Arrow keys : Move
  • Esc : Pause menu
  • Ctrl : Fast forward dialogues (currently not present in the game)


ESC_debug_v0.1.1.zip 163 MB

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